• Contact Lenses and fitting

    • Contact lenses are considered to be medical devices regulated by the FDA and require a current, valid prescription from an eye care professional in order to be purchased. Proper care and adherence to recommended schedules of cleaning and replacement will provide excellent vision and avoid significant damage to your vision. Although contact lenses are generally safe, contact lens wearers are at more risk of developing serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and can be very serious. That's why it is important to have your eyes evaluated if you notice changes in your vision, eye pain, red eye, discharge or for other reasons as recommended by your eye care professional.

      If you think contact lenses are for you, we can help you navigate through many choices since we offer a selection of the top brands and modalities. If you are a veteran contact lens user, it is important to give your eyes a break from contact lens wear prior to a new fitting. A break of two days for soft contact lens wearers and seven days for RGP contact lens wearers would be optimal for new fittings.

      We provide a full range of standard and custom design contact lenses. Custom soft contact lenses from Wave Touch Technologies by Hoya or rigid gas permeable (RGP) scleral contact lenses are excellent alternative to traditional RGPs.  Traditional RGPs may be less comfortable, mold the cornea, and temporarily change your eyeglass prescription. While RGPs do provide excellent vision, they are not suitable for all patients. All of our custom-fit soft and RGP lenses carry a warranty. After a corneal and eye health evaluation, we can determine which type of contact lenses would be best for you.