• Our Optical Lab & specialized services

    • Your frames and lenses should be regularly inspected for cleanliness, damage, and fit. Eyeglasses are the most commonly used device to enhance vision in the world today. Frame construction techniques provide a platform that allows lenses to provide optimal vision. There is a wide variety of quality and price of frames and it's important to know that your eyeglasses have a life cycle. Frames can break, bend, or in some cases, can chemically break down and cause skin problems. Lenses can chip, scratch or even break. As a general rule, frames and lenses are designed to last approximately two years. Just remember, at some point you will need to get new eyewear.

      Your glasses should fit your face well, otherwise your prescription may not give you the best vision possible. At Central Florida Optical, you can expect an excellent fit and finish of your eyewear with no exceptions. Also, you are welcome to bring in your old eyewear for repairs and cleaning for a minimal fee, or sometimes even at no cost. We recommend that all patients have a backup pair of eyewear in case of an emergency.

      We offer our patients the convenience of an on-site optical lab, where we create high quality eyewear. An on-site lab often eliminates the lengthy waiting period experienced at many optical establishments. All eyewear is carefully inspected by our highly talented and experienced optical staff to ensure you receive the correct.

      To learn more about our on-site services, please call us to schedule a consultation and find out how your vision can be improved.